IVF/ICSI  350,000 Baht
(full package, unlimited medications for eggs stimulations)

  • Online counseling before visit the clinic
  • Free transportation for pickup from the airport
  • Blood test (E2) for checking hormone level before stimulate
  • TVS for checking Uterus and Ovary
  • Blood test for sperm analysis
  • Medications for preparing endometrial lining
  • Medications for Ovarian stimulation (hormone injections)
  • Operation for eggs retrieval and sperm collection
  • Operation for Embryos transfer
  • Laboratory
  • Doctor fee

NGS 180,000 Baht for 10 embryos, if more than 10 charging
             18,000 Baht per each embryo

Egg Donation

Surrogacy service   (cover 3 cycle of embryos transfer) including:

  • Surrogate fee
  • Surrogate screening: blood test , TVS and medications
  • ANC 22 visits U/S every visit
  • UA for sugar, TT*2
  • Detailed scanning
  • DM screening
  • Down Syndrome screening
  • Medications
  • Doctor fee
  • Food & Milk for Surrogate
  • Transportation fee for Surrogate
  • Apartment fee for Surrogate
  • Organization service and any medical reports during pregnancy

Contact us for more information and surrogacy agreement

Payment Options

Payment can be made using any of the following methods:

  • By Swift Transfer to our bank account, contact us for banking details
  • By Cash or Credit Card if you are already in Thailand




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