Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have had several previous treatments for infertility. What are my options for treatment in Thailand and how are they different from other countries?

    Most countries offer some form of fertility treatment but the big difference is the easy availability of Egg Donors, Surrogates and Gender Selection in Thailand. The other difference is that treatment is so much cheaper in Thailand, yet the standard of medical care is the same as the USA, Australia and Europe.

  • I am very interested in receiving treatment but have a lot of concerns and questions first. Who do I talk to?

    Feel free to share your concerns and ask me any general medical questions here. If you would like me to give you a more detailed response follow this link to our on-line consultancy form. I will then have a profile of your history which will enable me to assist you in more detail. I am happy to spend as much time as you need answering questions and providing information.

  • How long do I need to be in Thailand for IVF treatment?

    You would need to spend about 23 days in Thailand, starting from Day 1 of your cycle. But need only to come to the clinic for 4- 5 visits.

  • What options do I have if I am over 45 years of age and want to carry my own baby?

    IVF is available in Thailand and can be the first point of treatment, although your chances of success are low because of your age. You could also consider the option of using an Egg Donor. The use of donor eggs has a very high success rate, as it is the age of the donor that is most important. This is an option that many women of your age choose because of the success rate and you can still carry a baby.

  • I am interested in finding an Egg Donor. Can you get Caucasian donors in Thailand?

    Generally not. Most donors in Thailand are usually young, university educated, Thai women.

  • Can I choose my Egg Donor before I travel to Thailand?

    Yes, most patients do this to reduce the time they need to spend here. It also enables the Doctor’s medical team to schedule your Donor.

  • Why do women become donors?

    The women in Thailand usually become donors because they want to help a couple have a baby and they are also financing themselves through university.

  • Can I meet the donor before I choose one?

    Yes you can, it will just mean that you will need to be in Thailand longer. Many patients choose their donors via the internet. We supply you with a complete profile of several donors including a photo, their age, family background, medical clearance and education.

  • Can I get my IVF preparation done in my home country?

    Yes, it is best to have your blood tests and your endometrial preparation before you arrive. Doctor will tell you exactly what medical preparation you will need before coming to Thailand.

  • If my IVF cycle fails how long must we wait before trying again?

    You can cycle back to back if you wish and everything else is normal.

  • When can I fly home after the transfer?

    You need to rest for 2 days after the transfer; you can travel on the third day.

  • If I decide to stay in Thailand until we confirm the pregnancy, is it safe for me to fly back after that?

    Yes, during your ten day wait you can go away for a few days and have a short holiday; although you will need to rest for the first 2 days post transfer. Thailand is a beautiful country and there are some excellent resorts and beaches quite close to Bangkok. Traveling should have no effect on your chances of pregnancy.

  • I am thinking of having PGD for Gender selection. How long do I wait for results?

    PGD is a popular choice. The test is done when the embryos have developed to 6- 8 cells, on Day 3 after egg retrieval. You will usually have the results within 24 hours.


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